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What Is The Impact On The Electric Vehicle Industry After The Official Launch Of The New National Standard?
Jun 20, 2018

The national standards for safety and technology of electric bicycles have been promulgated,and the new national standards have been officially issued,with a transitional period of 11 months,which will be officially implemented on April 15,2019. So with the new national standards,what is the impact on the electric vehicle industry?

1.    Accelerate the process of industry reshuffle,a large number of substandard small brands will face elimination.

   As early as January,when the new national standards were announced,many enterprises were organizing high-level and technical personnel to study the standards,because they knew that this was basically the final draft of the national standards.Compared to the industry a oppose and reject,the reaction of a electric enterprise still surprising,after all,they have already send to the “new six”,some of the early and has been in preparing to adjust the products structure and planning the marketing strategy in the future.


2.    The electric bicycle market will be released and lithium batteries bike may explode.

The implementation of the new national standards is a great boon for enterprises and dealers focusing on electric bicycles.Shanghai bicycle show in early May,we have seen too many exquisite,well-designed lithium electric bicycles,many ebikes as long as we meet the new national standard on details do some adjust no problem“national standard”in terms of appearance,practical almost finished blasting the easy money on the market at present,only in terms of cost or on the high side,believe that with the clarity of electric bicycle market segmentation and standardization,will more and more enterprises put the focus back to the domestic market,the outbreak of the lithium trams in the domestic market is just around the corner.

3.    The development of motorcycle is blocked or facing transformation

Some moguls have said that there is no real electric motorcycle in the electric e bike industry at present,and these should be done by moguls.Although the speech is one-sided,but also cut to the key,after all,there is a few enterprises of business qualifications.At present ,there are many versions of the qualified motorcycle manufacturers in the electric bike industry.Many dealers will ask:why is the brand made by themselves not on the list?  

  In addition,after the lost “electric bicyle”camouflage,power will be completely defined as motor vehicles,traffic and other related departments will also be reference to motor for electric motorcycle,such as a driver’s license,compulsory insurance,compulsory inspection,etc.,these will be the factors that consumers should consider carefully before buying electric scooters.Then,many enterprises will face transformation.

4.    The market competition is fierce and the price war is fierce

So what if we don’t have it in stock?The new national standard has given a one year transition period,but it is also taking this into account.Not mark product sales is only 1 year life theory,but in fact many consumers may be from now on will no longer purchase non-standard vehicle,so the dealer at the time of purchase to plan and prepare,even low price does not recommend a large number of stock up non-standard vehicle,lest future trouble for yourself.Some dealers with large inventories will make full use of this transition period and fight a price war to clear the inventory.The industry competition will enter a heated state.

  At present,the new national standard has the electric vehicle industry is bound to reform before “pain”,small factory,it is very difficult,also want to muddle through,with a less known and inferior brand dealers choose brand must not only look at price and policy,and to the rational considerations.New challenges will also bring new opportunities.Let’s wait and see!