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What Is The Effect Of Temperature On The Battery Performance Of An Electric Motorcycle?
Apr 28, 2018

When the battery is charged and discharged, an electrochemical reaction occurs on the battery electrode. The higher the temperature, the higher the activity of each active material of the battery, the lower the viscosity of the electrolyte and the lowering of the resistance, so the electrochemical reaction is easy to proceed, and vice versa, it is not easy to perform . The lower the discharge temperature is, the lower the discharge capacity is.

 At a particularly low temperature, the discharge capacity will be greatly reduced, and the temperature will be higher. On the contrary, the lower the charge temperature, the lower the charge acceptance capacity, and the higher the charge voltage is required to be sufficient. Electricity. On the contrary, the higher the temperature is, the better the charge acceptance ability is, and it is easy to cause over-charging. Therefore, it is required to reduce the charging voltage so as not to cause overcharging. This temperature change directly affects the battery charge and discharge performance.