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Two Main Problems Faced To Electric Vehicle Industry Need To Be Improved Urgently
Mar 29, 2018

hen we compare electric vehicles with bicycles and motorcycles,the electric vehicles industry development is far from strong. After 20 years of development,there are more than 1,000 electric vehicles companies,and if the parts are counted ,there are more than 3,000 enterprises in electric vehicles industry. From the perspective of brand and market integration,the integration of electric vehicles into an internationally competitive industry such as motorcycles and bicycles is likely to be a long way to go.

As far as last year,China exported only 1.8 million electric vehicles,far less than 40 million bicycles,and 7 million motorcycles.Although we evaluate the quality of electric vehicles on the rise,but exports are so low,foreigners do not accept accounts,the domestic market saturation trend is obvious,indicating that the growth space of electric vehicles has been limited.What are the problems in the electric vehicles industry?

1. The manufacture of parts lacks specification and scale.As for now ,many parts of electric vehicles do not have national standard,as a result,the parts manufactured are completely in accordance with the enterprise’s conscience.You can imagine why so many second-hand electric vehicles are flooding the market.why is there a gap between the prices of the same parts produced by each plate ?Understanding the details will make it clear that there is a difference in price between using the same material but not the same specification.Because there is no standard,a large number of parts are produced according to their own willing.Therefore,the national standard of electric vehicles parts is not issued,it is difficult for the industry to go to the norm. Electric vehicles lack the standardization of parts,how can they make good products ?This is one of the reasons for the uneven performance of parts companies.

2. The size of the vehicles also needs to be larger.The great benefit lies in the further specification and scale effect of the product,and the environmental protection and safety problems will be solved in the production.Now market share accounted for only 10%of the leading enterprises in the vehicle in front,top 10 vehicles companies around the market share of 50%,if the market share of the top 10 enterprises increased to 70-80%,probably it will take at least 5years.At present,the trend of big enterprise scale is slowing down or showing signs of shrinking.first,the large number of Shared electric vehicles is competing with enterprises for the market,but the electric vehicle enterprise is obviously in the downwind.Second ,the enterprise’s own r&d and technical input are seriously insufficient,which leads to lack of enterprise development.Third,the dividends of market demand have disappeared,and it has become increasingly difficult for enterprises to expend and increase sales.