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The State Has Introduced A New National Standard For Electric Bicycles
May 16, 2018

On January 16,2018,the state issued the regulation on the safety and technology of electric bicycle for electric bicycles.Why did the country adopt the new national standard ?According to the research of the ministry of industry and information technology,China is the first major country in the production and sales of electric bicycles worldwide.Currently,there are about 200 million vehicles in the world,with an annual output of more than 30 million.Nowadays,electric bicycles are becoming bigger and faster,which not only seriously occupy the driveway space,but also have a lot of safety hazards.

According to the statistics of the public security traffic management department,in the past five years,there have been 562 thousand electric bike accidents in China,8431 people have died,and the direct property losses have been 11.1 million yuan.In order to ensure the satety of life and property,strict management of electric bicycle is urgently needed.For overload electric bicycle,once causing a traffic accident,often in the judicial practice was convicted for motor vehicles,drivers have more responsibility,After new standard,such a decision may be more clear.

Where are the new national standards?

Electric bicycle new standard is mainly manifested in the speed,weigh,appearance,strict rules,the battery on clear electric bicycle is mainly used for “walking”function,and have the function of pedal cycling is mandatory.New standard from echnical standards division there are seven categories, including vehicle signs, vehicle safety, mechanical safety, electrical safety, fire prevention performance, flame retardant performance, radio disturbance characteristics of specific details to view the new national standard specification.

Market and overseas market analysis of electric vehicles

Overseas authoritative survey at Navigant, according to a report in 2016 global 2 rounds of electric vehicles, including electric motorcycle, electric bicycle, electric scooter) the size of the market is about $25.6 billion, increasing at a compound rate of about 10% a year. By 2025, the world's electricity-based vehicles will reach $66.2 billion. Small electric scooters and accessories will account for nearly half of the market.


The global market for electric vehicles.

Overseas buyers are increasingly at the same time for outdoor electronic product procurement efforts, according to global sources new buyers survey report shows that more than 80% of the buyers in 2017 to increase or maintain purchase quantity of outdoor electronic products. Buyers have said that outdoor electronic demand continues to rise.

The latest data extraction analysis showed that the number of one-to-one enquiries sent by buyers through global resources websites increased significantly from the previous year in response to outdoor electronic products.

Many well-known overseas buyers are buying electric vehicles

In 2016,the top ten proportion of China’s electric vehicle export area is shown as below.China’s e bike products account for the lion’s share of the 440% rise in US.