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The Latest Reports Of Shared Electric Scooter
May 28, 2018

The emergence of shared bicycles has solved the "last mile" travel demand, but there are still some potential demands that have not been developed between bicycles and network carriers. Recently, according to foreign media reports, online dating car platform company- Lyft intends to carry out the shared electric scooters business.


It is reported that a local consulting agency has been in contact with relevant government officials in the San Francisco area on behalf of Lyft in recent weeks to seek permission to do shared electric scooters business. In terms of products, Lyft seems to have developed a prototype of an electric scooter.


In terms of travel requirements, there are certain differences between electric scooters and bicycles, but they also have mutual alternatives. Therefore, Lyft may face more competition pressure from the shared cycling field.


Electric scooters are a new type of product following the traditional skateboarding. Electric scooter is very energy-efficient, fast charging and long-range ability. The vehicle is beautiful in appearance, foldable, easy to operate, and safer to drive. Electric scooters can be divided into folding and non-folding, raw materials for the battery, frame, motor, switches, lights, displays, seats, tires, handles, etc., the downstream sales channels are mainly: Super, sports goods store , stores, electronics stores, e-commerce platforms, etc.