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The Key Factors On The Climbing Ablity Of Electric Vehicles
Jun 26, 2018

In the life, there are ramps everywhere. People often say that it is easy to go uphill and it is difficult to go downhill, but this is also the case. In terms of electric vehicles, on the contrary, when electric vehicles are climbing, the speed is slowed down, and even some electric vehicles cannot climb. The climbing ability of electric vehicles depends on three factors: tires, batteries, and motors.


Quality will change the world. As a specialized electric vehicle manufacturer, Mifun starts from the tires, batteries, motors and other accessories to create a strong climbing power for electric vehicles.


ZHEN XIN vacuum tire: The vacuum tire has good adaptability to asphalt and cement pavement. Even if the road surface has water, it can maintain strong adhesion and has good stability and climbing ability. The ZHENXIN brand tyres we use are specially optimized. The design of the upper tyre makes the anti-slip performance of the tyre greatly improved.


MLS lock energy battery: battery as a source of power for electric vehicles, also has a certain influence on the motor. The better the battery, the more power it can provide, and the climb is a moment when strong power is needed. After numerous experiments, our team has found a new type of material that can minimize the internal resistance of the battery, thus achieving the effect of locking energy, improving the efficiency and life of the battery, and reducing the loss of energy.


Core Gold Steel Motor: The motor is a very important component of an electric vehicle. The level of motor performance directly affects the power of the electric vehicle. When climbing, the motor performance of the electric vehicle directly affects the climbing effect. After many years of experience, the electric vehicle has been optimized. The core-cored steel motor has been optimized. The diameter of the core has been increased by 4mm, and the circumference of the aluminum ring (iron ring) has been extended. The number of films increased from 46 to 48, which can increase the magnetic flux by more than 10%. The increase of magnetic flux per unit time undoubtedly improves the power performance of the electric vehicle motor.