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The Electric Scooter Make Your Life Fun And Beautiful.
Jun 01, 2018

Electric scooters are a new type sport product following the traditional skateboarding. Electric scooter is very energy-efficient, fast charging and long-range ability. The vehicle is beautiful in appearance, easy to operate, and safer to drive. For the person who likes to live comfortably, it is definitely a very suitable choice to add more fun in life.

The electric skateboard(electric scooter) has the characteristics of anti-fission, anti-deformation, extreme cold resistance, very wear-resistance, etc. The aluminum alloy bracket and the base are strengthened, and the surface is not easy to break which is also printed with various fine patterns. And it is reliable and go ahead by twisting the body. There is no need to push or slide with the feet. It can be used in various fancy changing movements. With twisted waist movement, it can achieve remarkable, and if you are tired and don’t want to twist your body, just open the switch and use the battery-assistant system , make your energy-free, and enioy a good journey.

The maintenance tips for lead-acid battery of a electric scooter.

The life span of lead-acid batteries used in electric scooters is closely related to the daily use and maintenance of users. Generally, the following points must be noted:

1, to develop a habit of using with the charge, so that the battery can often stay the state of full-electricity

2, according to the journey to determine the length of charging time, control the time in 4-12 hours, not long-term charging.

3, if set aside the battery for a long time, need to be fully charged, once a month again.

4. Use pedals to assist at the start,uphill and top wind.

5. Use a matching charger when charging, place in a cool and ventilated place, avoid high temperature and humidity, do not allow water to enter the charger to prevent electric shock accidents.