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The Development Of Shared Motorcycle Meets Bottleneck
Apr 17, 2018

Recently,the sharing of e bike has gradually come into our view,and the development of sharing bicycle is different from that.Sharing e bike is not as well developed as he is.Instead,its development is stuck in a dilemma,although lacking a word comparing sharing bike,but it’s banned in many places.It’s also called shared,what’s the reason for sharing e bike,the development has encountered such a big bottleneck,in the future,such a problem,can it be successfully solved ?


In fact,sharing of e bikes were initially launched in large cities,but many cities soon stopped them.In such a difficult situation,the sharing of electric bicycles is progressing towards the smaller cities of the second and third lines. However,even in this way,sharing e bike is still difficult,and many investors are not optimistic about this direction,so they choose to give up their investment.In addition,today’s sharing of motorcycles is no longer what we call a “sharing economy”,he seems more closed.But where did the problem come from?

Whether it is called off,or voluntarily withdraw,the current sharing of electric vehicles in a number of first line cities is facing the end of the layout.What we can be seen directly is that the development of Shared electric vehicles is not as simple as sharing a bicycle.In particular,the loss of several first tier cities in the supermarket.for them,is undoubtedly a bad news.The only reason not to be approved by the government is :violations.

Currently struggling Shared bicycle industry,is still in profit,regulation,rule are not clear,and Sharing the e bike is new,unknown circumstances must be faced by more.

In fact,there is no clear plan for the sharing of motorcycles. You don’t have a clear plan.Even the most basic profit model is not available.In addition,the production cost of e bike is very high,the user is not willing to use,but in the future sharing e bike can find a way that suits oneself ?We will wait and glad to see it,