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Overseas OFO Bicycles Are Arranged In Bangkok,Thailand
May 09, 2018

Just now, Yellow bicycles will officially announced on August 1 to enter the Thailand market,it seems to be ofo:Yellow bicycles in Thailand at thammasat university in Bangkok for a month after the trial operation is well received by the University and students’ decisions,is expected to the first delivery is about 6000.Before,ofo Shared cycling has successfully entered Singapore,the United States,Britain,Kazakhstan several overseas countries,and the entered Thailand is ofo yellow bicycle is the fifth layout of the overseas market.

  For a long time,”Let no strange corner of the world”is ofo yellow bicycle adhering to the wishes,this into the Thailand market,to meet the transition from school to the city gradually car produced by incremental demand,ofo yellow bicycle or fast delivery at a speed of more than 5000 units per month,it will also make cities such as Bangkok residents will be able to easily enjoy the convenient,healthy and green city short way to travel.

  Thailand has a population of nearly 70 million,particularly in Bangkok and Chiang mai tourism cities,traffic congestion problem increasingly prominent,the last kilometer demand increasingly obvious,a large number of cycling demand crowd and tourist groups are potential users of ofo yellow bicycles.Relying on the internet of things ,big data,artificial intelligence technology and so on rich practical experience,ofo yellow bicycle use Shared economic concept,to help the Thailand with a population of nearly 70 million Bangkok and Chiang mai tourism cities,in particular,to solve the traffic congestion and pain points,such as short and quick travel city.

  Indeed,ofo,the originator and leader of the ride-sharing industry,is now the world’s largest and most highly valued bicycle sharing platform,and is continuing to expand overseas.By the end of 2017,ofo is expected to target 200 cities and 20 countries.Today, ofo has established a strategic partnership with Adyen,an electronic payment platform,so that overseas users can pay for the seamless ride through the platform.

  It is well known that ofo and mobike are now two of the biggest domestic ride-sharing companies,occupying the “half of the mountain” of the Sharing bicycle industry.Ofo,so far has connected the world with more than 6.5 million Shared bicycles,for the six countries in the world,more than 150 cities of hundreds of millions of users to provide more than a total of 2 billion times of efficient,convenient and green low carbon travel service,and for more than 25 million visitors every day solution Q short-distance travel problems.

  It is believed that the ofo yellow bicycles will continue to adhere to the market strategy of “radiating from campus to city”,first based on the intensive university campus,and then gradually expand to the city.Next,we look forward to more countries overseas to see the yellow bicycles.