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Making Vietnam Fall In Love With Chinese Electric Scooter
Apr 16, 2018

At present, due to the saturation of the motorcycle market in Vietnam and the high operating costs of companies, motorcycle accessory companies are moving closer to the electric scooter industry and actively cooperate with electric scooter companies to produce spare parts for them. This is also an opportunity for the development of electric scooter industries.

As well as we known, the spare parts which can’t be producted in vietnam will be imported partially from Chinese mainland, and another part will be produced by Chinese joint-venture enterprises. And Chinese electric scooter interprises are graduately turning the production of spare parts from the China -import to local-making, it can reduce many troubles and cost. The market of vietnam electric scooter starts late relative to Chin, but devolops fastly at a rate of 10% for its sale volume. In general, south vietnam, represented by Ho Chi Minh City, has far more exceed to the north vietnam which represented by the Hanoi at the speed of the market developement and the electric scooters quantity.

Hanoi's production factories are called unified bicycle and motorcycle companies. Most of these production plants use Taiwan's production equipment. The main components such as batteries and motors are imported from Japan and South Korea, and some of the accessories are imported from China. The output is small, equipment is poor, and the quality is bad. The craft is lagged. Some motorcycle manufacturers are actively preparing to produce and assemble electric vehicles. Although the main components are imported from abroad, the manufacturers all claim to be produced in Vietnam and the price is not cheap.

Electric vehicle dealers in Vietnam generally reflect that China’s electric vehicle brands are numerous, with various specifications, low prices, bright colors, shiftable gears, power, speed and signal display, as well as convenient loading and unloading baskets and the sale volume is also very good.

On the contrary, Vietnam's products have a single style, lack of shock absorption devices and signal indications. If they are not improved, with the improvement of the quality of Chinese products, it is difficult for Vietnamese products to compete with Chinese products. In the south, represented by Ho Chi Minh, the market is relatively mature, with a large number of dealers and specialized electric vehicle dealers. Due to the large number of dealers, the competition is fierce. Even so, the dealer's monthly average sales volume exceeds 100 units, which is much better than the sales volume in Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh’s consumers are mainly university students and young workers. The advantages of electric scooters are being recognized by more and more consumers. For example, an electric scooter can travel 50-70 kilometers at a time, the electricity cost is only equivalent to RMB 0.25-0.5 yuan, and the price of a new battery is only 200-250 Chinese Yuan which can be recharged 400 times,so at a cost of only 0.25 yuan each time. In other words, the cost of driving 50 kilometers of electric scooter is less than 1 yuan, while the same distance for motorcycles requires at least 5 yuan. Therefore, the demand for electric vehicles in China is increasing.