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How To Develop The Eco-friendly E Bike Finally ?
Dec 27, 2017

Lightweight is the important way in the future,in the future ,e bikes will be developed to lightweight,smaller, energy-saving.but What’s the real lightweight e bike ? The power of Technology innovation is stronger, e bikes lightweight also need the technology innovation to come true.It Mainly includesNew power development,Overweight is the main dispute content of the standard of the e bikes,Overweight looks unsuitable to the e bikes industry.but we all can solve these problems through technology.

At present,the e bikes use the lead-acid batteries,and it weights about 10kg,it’s the main weight of the e bike.If you use the lithium battery,the weight is only 3.5-5kg,and we can control the weight of the e bike,it reflects the lithium battery lightweight,more power.So using the lithium battery is your best choice for the new e bikes.This e bike of lithium battery has lightweight,smartness,good design,more power,is the rational choice of industrial upgrading.

e bike.jpg

Except the lithium battery is the e bikes power way in the future,the new solar energy e bikes also have the big attention.The solar energy e bikes changes the solar into electricity,and drive the dynamo of the e bikes.It includes solar battery,dynamo,battery and bike.It depends on solar energy as power,Solar energy bike has many advantages,like small volume,zero pollution, energy saving and environmental protection ,force the bikes have the figure of “light weight”.