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Electric Vehicles Crowdfunding,how Much Joy How Much Worry?
May 08, 2018

Since the launch of the mavs,some new brands have been playing more and more on crowdfunding.It’s reported that a new brandYIDUOhas started on March 1.Who’s “YIDUO”? When did the brand enter the field of electric vehicles?But this is the new generation of electric vehicles,the current version of which should be “Internet startups”,completely abandon the traditional business model,but love”crowdfunding”.

  The mode of crowdfunding for electric vehicles,which has been hot in the second half of last year,has become a mode of marketing for many electric vehicles companies.Relying on the influence of Internet and circle of friends,it incites new concepts and leads to the soaring of performance,which is a good medicine for enterprises to tap the petential market demand.The so-called crowdfunding,is a way to raise money for the pubic in such a way as group buying and pre-sale.With the popularity of crowdfunding mode,more and more electric vehicles companies have launched crowdfunding,and some enterprises have tasted some benefits.

  It’s said that since the second half of last year,more than 10 electric vehicles brands have participated in crowdfunding.In addition to Dallas,and SWAN,cloud horse radish,small MINI,feng bird and other rookie enterprises to participate in the raise,traditional enterprise as “SUNRA”,morakot,also add the upcoming trend item going to the raise.Electric vehicles enterprises crowdfunding all over JD,Taobao,Suning easy shopping platform,especially JD,Taobao platform are most popular.According to statistics,the number of crowdfunding on each platform of enterprise single products is ranging from tens of millions to 100,000,and the number of the mavs is up to 72million,which is the highest crowdfunding record in the industry history.

  It’s worth nothing that the traditional enterprises in the crowdfunding scale and the amount of generally difficult to PK off”entrepreneurial”companies.The company has a better selling point and attracts more attention on crowdfunding,but its production capacity and after-sales guarantee are indeed the biggest shortboard.Basically,you can say that the car that bought the start-up company crowdfunding basically bought a “Three-nil”products.

 If electric vehicles enterprises want to try the crowdfunding model,they must understand the advantage and disadvantages of them,and don’t blindly do so.

  The raise industry veteran said that consumers will think the raise and group purchase,purchase in advance,because now the raised platform,basic belongs to open to booking a products of the concept of the raise.The concept of pre-sale means that the manufacturer has completed the design,and then describe the function of the product to the consumer.If the sonsumer agrees with the design concept or function,the consumer will pay for the purchase.When the manufacturer gets the money,he will promise to produce the products to return the customers.

  But the obvious problem that sonsumers ignore is how to solve the after-sale problem?Your electric vehicles broke down during the warranty period.Is it more convenient to repair? It’s not me to worry,the enterprise that wants to raise money is generally have no fund and idle money,so to raise”circle”money to produce the electric vehicles of production ,besides construction and layout after sale network!You bought an electric vehicle in the third and fourth tier cities.It’s broken.Maybe you can only mail it back!