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Electric Scooter Lead-acid Battery Imbalance Problem
May 12, 2018

A group of batteries of electric scooter  consists of three to four. Due to manufacturing process problems, it is impossible to achieve the absolute balance of each battery. The average charger uses the average current, so that a single battery with a small capacity is filled first, and an overcharge is formed. When the battery is discharged, this small-capacity battery is placed first. Finished and over formed. In the long run, the vicious circle causes the entire battery pack to lag behind, thus scrapping the entire battery pack. Three-stage charger float stage, there is a small current of 500mA, its role is to compensate for the charge, so that the battery is full. But it also brings two side effects: 1, after the full, the excess current is not turned off, the electrical energy is converted into heat energy, water decomposition, accelerate the distribution of water; 2, small current charging, the resulting current bifurcation is very large , It is more likely to cause battery pack imbalance.