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Electric Bicycle Maintenance
Apr 23, 2018

First, pay attention to cleaning, especially after the winter water (in many cities in the winter after the snow spray to prevent ice formation) should be cleaned in a timely manner, otherwise it is easy to cause corrosion of metal parts, paint film aging off. The second is to pay attention to the maximum adjustment height. After the new vehicle has been riding for a period of time, the entire vehicle should be inspected and adjusted according to the instructions. Fastening and lubrication are essential at this time. Check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the transmission parts are flexible. Pay attention to the lubrication of the chain after oil lubrication. The flywheel can be oiled. The tire inflation should be appropriate, otherwise it will affect the riding comfort and service life. The brake is the basic guarantee of safety. It should be checked at any time. Any problems found should be immediately adjusted or repaired.

1. The height of the saddle and the handlebars should be adjusted before using the electric bicycle to ensure the riding comfort and reduce fatigue. The height of the saddle and the handlebars should vary from person to person. Generally, the height of the saddle is suitable for the cyclist to be able to rely on one foot (the vehicle should remain substantially upright). The height of the handlebars is to allow the cyclist's arm to lay flat and shoulders. Relax with your arms. However, the adjustment of saddles and handlebars should first ensure that the depth of insertion and riser insertion must be higher than the safety mark line.

2, before using the electric bicycle should check and adjust the front and rear brakes. The front brake is controlled by the right brake and the rear brake is controlled by the left brake. Before and after the brake adjustment to the right and left brake handle to reach half the stroke that can be a reliable brake is appropriate; brake shoe excessive wear and tear, should be promptly replaced.

3, before the role of electric bike should check the tightness of the chain. When the chain is over-tight, the pedal is hard to ride. When it is too loose, it is easy to tremble and wipe other parts. The sag of the chain is suitable for 1-2mm. Generally, it can be tightened properly without riding the pedal. When the chain is adjusted, first loosen the rear wheel nut, and rotate the left and right chain adjusting screws evenly, and adjust the tightness of the chain to re-tighten the rear wheel nut.

4. Check the lubrication of the chain before use. Whether the chain shaft rotation of the handle and the observation chain is flexible and whether the chain rust is serious or not. If rust or rotation is not flexible, appropriate amount of lubricant should be added, and the chain should be replaced severely.

5, before riding an electric bike, you should check the tire pressure, steering handlebar flexibility, front and rear wheel rotation flexibility, circuit, battery power, motor working conditions and lights, horns, fasteners, etc. to meet the requirements