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China’s Electric Bikes Open Up The Vietnamese Market
Apr 26, 2018

Vietnam is a big motorcycle country,with more than 80 million people and about 17 million motorcycles,with an average of five people have a motorcycle. Big cities like Hanoi and Ho chi minh have more Motorcycles,the resident population of about 3.5 million people,and the floating population ,about 5 million people,but it has about 3 million vehicles.On average,1.6people has a motorcycle,and the number of motorcycle is glowing at a rate about 20000 per month.

There are too many motorcycles,causing traffic jams,causing headaches for traffic authorities and citizens alike.As early as the end of 2004,the Vietnamese government issued regulations restricting the licensing of motorcycles,but the regulations were not implemented due to people’s lack of understanding and even resistance.

At the same time,rising oil prices have forced the country’s people to look for new tools,Electric bicycles has the advantages of no noise,no pollution,the price is cheap,and conform to the current status of development of the Vietnam city traffic restrictions on motorcycles,so consumers increasingly choose to buy electric bicycle,electric bicycle market in Vietnam is emerging.However,due to the habitual thinking and emotional cognition of the Vietnamese people for many years,the promotion and development of electric vehicles is not as easy as the Chinese market.

Although electric vehicles sales have a lot of resistance in the Vietnam market,we can’t  say that there is no opportunity at all.To this end,we offer the following suggestions for enterprises aiming at this:

1. Product appearance diversification.Nowadays,most electric vehicles in the Vietnamese market maintain the shape of traditional bikes,which can’t be said to be dead,but they are obviously not popular with consumers.

2. Targeting women and students.In a short period of time,electric vehicles can hardly shake the dominant position of motorcycles,and electric vehicles don’t have to compete head-on with motorcycles.

3. For the elderly market.Motorbikes are both bulky and insecure for the elderly,and a lightweight,compact and slow electric vehicles is a good choice.,Older people don’t want the shape of a car as young people do,but safety is important.It can even develop three-wheeled electric vehicles according to the characteristics of the elderly.

4. Expand into small and medium-sized cities and rural markets.Consumers in smaller cities and rural areas have lower incomes,and the affordable price of electric cars that look like motorcycles can meet their consumer needs.

5. The speed and travelling distance must be much higher than they are now,otherwise it would be a dead end.In fact,there is a market in Vietnam for electric vehicles that are faster and travel far.

6. Design products according to the characteristics of Vietnam.Vietnam climate is hot and much rain,water is very serious and some streets,so installation position of the motor should be higher than domestic,like walking in the rainy season is not afraid of water,storage battery can be protected.

7. Establish after-sales system.For the problem of electric vehicle maintenance,the sales personnel of each sales point should be trained as maintenance personnel to ensure that the maintenance drives the sales.