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Analysis Of Sales On Line In Electric Vehicle Industry
Mar 21, 2018

In recent years,the development of sales on line is very fast,since the information society into the era of “Internet +”, in all areas,a complete coverage of all levels,in all aspects,in to the society. Under the electricity business boom,the rise of online shopping greatly stimulated all the neural electric enterprises,many electric vehicle manufacturers of electric business channel sales,hope to capture a piece of cake market in the electricity business.

1.Logistic cost

Electric vehicles are lead-acid batteries for years,plus the weight of the vehicle,an electric vehicles cost almost 1/5 to 1/4 of the price of a vehicle,in addition,lead-acid battery logistics risk is bigger also.The high logistics cost leads to the lack of cost competitiveness of traditional sales B2C model.

2.On line and off line

Electric vehicle enterprises are highly depended on the offline dealer system,and the electric vehicle is mainly based on offline channels.If electric vehicle enterprises do sales on line ,the interest relationship of the relationship will obviously be problematic.The online and offline channels will face a redistribute of benefits regardless of the manufacture’s sales on line model.

3.After sales problem

Consumers’ comments on buying electric vehicles,bad review mostly reflect the after sales problems,the first key question is the products experience and repair.The electric vehicles have higher rate of maintenance,The electric vehicle buyer will face high logistics cost for the replacement,the merchants  can’t give users maintenance on line,and can’t directly send the electric vehicles to the retail shop for maintenance. Only to find manufacturer pits or mailed back to the original factory,produce the contradiction and spend more.

4.Operating personnel

Nowadays electric business platform of electric vehicles,by brand enterprise or dealers to open stores,also is the third-party service,JD proprietary electric shop few highlights many problems want to entry into the channels of electricity electric enterprises,is the team building and operation,sales on line to the brand team and execution strengh requirements is very high,and then the professional person in electric vehicles is very scarce,if talent pool can’t keep up with,probably will be eliminated in electric dealer market.

5.The city limits

Demand for electric vehicles is growing as demand for shopping online grows.Beijing and other large cities began to control electric vehicles,and some cities are sonsidering a total ban on electric vehicles on the road,but these large urban population proportion and consumption ability have more demand than the other cities.

In the current situation,under the e-commerce boom,this kind of cold encounter can also be explained b “the first difficulty of all things”.The launch time of the flagship store is short,and the promotion of all aspects is still in progress,which has not yet formed a strong influence in the majority of consumers,and it may be different if we continue to go on.