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Why would your electric scooter suddenly slowdown on s rainy day?
Oct 10, 2017

As the owner of electric scooter, i wanna know if everyone has met the same condition with me. In rainy day, we find that there are some unusual problems on our electric scooter. Especially when we are riding in heavy rain, our electric scooters  have a sudden slow down problem. How is that? Now let's explore the real secrets.

For example, some friends are puzzled: a rainy day, they found that the speed of electric scooter will suddenly drop, the strange thing is that after a few hours or a night later, this situation has disappeared. And the situation will not appear as long as the weather does not rain . In view of this situation, according to previous experience ,it mainly dues to two reasons: 1, The speed adjustment turns into water; 2, the controller wiring turns into the water.

Why would electric scooter appear in such a situation? In fact, the handlebar is equipped with a governor, if there has water intruded, then it will naturally lead to its speed decline. In general, the handlebar is not afraid of heat, but more afraid of water, so in rainy days, we’d best use the plastic bag to hold the speed handle to prevent it from water.

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energy electric scooter

In addition, if the inside of the controller has turns into water , then it may also be in such a problem. Therefore, in the inspection to confirm that the electric vehicle controller contains water, we should open the controller, and then use alcohol to wipe the circuit board, until it is dry and then installed, if not, you need to replace the new controller.

Of course, the current level of technology continues to improve, when manufacturers are in the production of electric vehicles, have developed and improved the handlebar structure for a long time , so the electric scooters have a strong waterproof performance, but we still hope that It is best for everyone not to use electric scooters on rainy days, or we should well protect when we use them.

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