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What should you do if you want to attend the Carton fair?
Oct 11, 2017


The 122nd Canton fair is going to be opened from 15th to 19th October on Guangzhou province. The electric scooter is in Vehicles & Spare Parts exhibition area, the exhibition hall number is 16.2,in that time ,there will contain many exhibits, including electric scooter, electric bike, electric motorcycle, bike, all kinds of spare parts of vehicles. And there are also many famous vehicle factory of electric vehicles take part in, just like AIMA YADIA SUNRA and so on , in that carton fair, you can visit many newest products which is good quality and cost-effective as well, if you want to be occupied in those business, pls pay attention on this .

What should you do if you want to attend the Carton fair?

First , you shall go to guangzhou in advance, making a reservation for hotal on website in advance, it may help you save money and not make you in such a hurry when you arrive. The hotal should be convenient for you to go to the exhibition hall, so make sure there have trains, subways,bus or taxi for you to go the hall.

Secordly , you should well prepare the passport or id card to handle the entry permit to the exhibition hall, the entry permit will take 200-300rmb, pls prepare the crash.

Thirdly, you should prepare a suitcase, you know, when you visit the booths, the staves of the companies will give you their product catalogues to you, you can put them on your case, it is very convient.

Fourthly, maybe you could look up some information like which company would attend the carton fair, what kind of products will be showed on exhibition, the officail website is

Finally, we can a electric scooter manufacturer, we could provide kinds of traditional electric scooters, electric moped scooters, electric motorcycles, electric bikes, our website is, pls contact us if you are interested in our products, and you can also contact us if you want to some help when you come to the canton fair.

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