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What is the Pedal assistance electric mopeds and scooters ?
Dec 18, 2017

With the change of people’s concept of envioronment, more and more people use the electric scooter for their travel tools. It is common for a family has an electric scooter at least.


Although there are more and more charging piles for electric scooters, but in somewhere, it is still not convenient for electric scooter to charge, so saving electrcity is becoming one of the priority factors in selecting electric scooter. In this way, pedal-assistant electric mopeds and scooters are caught after by people.


Usually, the pedal assistance electric mopeds and scooters are powered by lead-acid or lithium batteries and scooter motor, having a small body, very flexible, easy-handle and light weight, therefore, it costs less power to bring it on, it can save electricity. What’s more, it also can be use as a bike, put off the power and use the pedal. Because it is light and small, we can ride it without much effort. Some people use it for exercising. Ride it by pedal and first, when they are tired, put on the power, ride home with happiness.

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