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What are the features of different type of electric motorcycles?
Sep 14, 2017


Original title: electric motorcycles

Overview: electric motorcycles are one kind of electric scooters, they are also powered by battery, but as usually, more powerful than electric scooter. Electric motorcycles also have electronic driven system and controller system, including the components such as motor, controller and converter and so on.

General speaking, electric motorcycles are divided to two-wheeled e motorcycles and three-wheeled e motorcycles, and in terms of two-wheeled electric motorcycle ,their max speed are usually above 50km/h,the speed of some models may reach to 90km/h.

E Motorcycle   .jpg

Electric motorcycles and scooters

Electric motorcycle is also including moped electric motorcycles, which are smaller than the normally electric motorcycle, more flexible,but the speed may lower than the normally one, usually be 40-70km/h, in that way,the moped electric motorcycle are wide-spread used on people’s dairy life. Both men and women love them

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