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Tips for the maintenance and charging of green-power electric scooter
Oct 16, 2017

Electric scooters are powered by electricity, so it doesn't produce any dirty air during the ride, so it's green. Green energy electric scooter needs scientific and reasonable charging and maintenance to extend the driving distance and service life. How do we charge and maintain the electric scooter is benefiacal to the green power electric scooter?


For the newly purchased green energy electric vehicle, whether the battery has electricity or not, try to charge it first before using it.The correct way is to transfer the charging current to almost 15A, and the charging time should be controlled over 15 hours.What needs to pay attention is that the charging time shall be longer as far as possible in the first 10 times, so that can make the active material on the battery plate fully reacting ,which can improve the vehicle mileage and prolong the service life of the battery.


If a green energy electric scooter has enough mileage, it is recommended to charge only once a day.If not enough, it can be recharged once, but it will shorten the life of the battery.When green energy electric scooters are in lack of electricity, there must be more than 8 hours of electricity charging.

 electric scooter.JPG

In addition to the charging skill of green energy electric scooters,we should carefully check whether the wires of the circuit are loose before we use it each time, and the bad contact of the line can damage the controller.At the same time, it is necessary to check the battery in 15 days to find out whether the battery should be added to the distilled water,  not to fill in the replenisher or stoste liquid.


When using the green power electric scooter after about a month, we should clean the battery plate, it is very simple, Just flush the battery pole column with boiling water. After cleaning the oxide, paint the butter on pole to prevent acid corrosion which would lead to bad contact.


In contrast,the performance and the speed of green power electric scooter is superior to traiditional bicycle, so there will be more and more people choose to buy green energy electric scooter, the key is its energy conservation and environmental protection and  they are more in line with the needs of social development.


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