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The service pattern and riding tips of sharing electric scooter.
Nov 16, 2017

Sharing electric scooter is a new -pattern transportation tool, we can ride it by using our cellphone to scan the QR code, then it will be unlocked. In this way, it can reach a circular sharing situation in a certain extent. The main reason for sharing electric vehicles occur is the result of the sharing economy in the new era.

The service pattern of sharing electric scooter:

The charging pattern of sharing electric scooter is 0.5rmb/km+0.1rmb/min, you need to download a sharing electric scooter APP, then charging the money in it. When you want to use the model, open the app, and scan the QR code on scooter body , then it is unlocked, and you can use it then. When you have reached the destination, lock it , and then it will stop charging.

The tips of sharing electric scooter:

Before using the sharing electric scooter, firstly, we should check whether it has enough electricity, and check whether the horn and light work normally; Secondly, adjust the height of saddle, keep it comfortable for you, and it will be safe when you ride it.

In addition, we should obey the traffic rules, never to cross a red light, riding on the slow traffic lane.

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