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The precautious of electric scooter battery
May 02, 2018

Lightweight electric scooters have become a common means of transportation. However,

When is the best charging time for the electric scooter battery? Charging when the electric scooter is out of power? Recharge while waiting for half of the electricity? Or is it unregulated? These are not desirable. When we should charge the electric vehicle depends on the condition of the battery. It is not advisable to charge at any time, high pressure charging, or rapid charging.

Electric scooters are often used for rapid charging service which will have a certain impact on battery life. Charging the battery with a charger at home as much as possible if It is not an emergency situation.  It is better to charging the electric scooter or electric motorcycle when the battery power is 1/3.

Five aspect to pay attention to when charging the electric vehicles battery.

1, Charging the electric vehicle when shows one third power.

2,keep the charging environment dry and clean, not pack the charger with the plastic bags when charging, for it is easy to burn the charger when it can’t breathe free.

3,try to not use the rapid charging tool, and can’t be above two time if it really necessary.

4,put the battery on the fixed place, don’t bump it, even if it carried, should take full account of the dumpy failure.

5,use the standard charger to charge.

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