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The key factors for choosing a good electric scooter/electric motorcycle
Dec 06, 2017

No matter how wonderful the appearance of electric scooters, electric motorcycles or e bikes seem to be, there is no doubt that a best electric motorcycle or a bike motorcycle need a good and proper battery and charger. It is recognized by more and more people.


On the recently surveys, many people focus on the battery and charger when they are going to buy a new electric motorbike rather than just emphasise whether it is a affordable scooter. This is a good news for electric motorcycles 2017.


electric scooter.JPG

We should be aware of the the good charger can greatly reduce the late use and maintenance cost. The batteries can be divided to lead acid battery and lithium battery, different brands of batteries vary great in price, And for our ordinary people, it is difficult for us to distinguish the quality of batteries on eyes, but the proportion of the battery is relatively huge on a electric scooter, so the best way to prevent from choosing fake battery is to select the big brand batteries just like TIANNENG and CHANWEI battery, both of two company are listed in the battery industry companies. They are reliable brands. What’s more, we should buy it on the qualified agents.

When it comes to battery, we should’t neglect the charger, many electric model fire accidents occur mostly due to the short circuit of charger, chargers not only directly affect the the safety, but also the service life of batteries. Many batteries life are only one year, not because of the quality of the battery, but consumers choose the improper or bad quality chargers, long-term overcharge or undercharge lead to the short battery life, therefore, selecting a proper and good quality charger can greatly ensure the battery life. It is recommended that consumers choose a high quality charger, so that both to ensure the safety and battery life. Even if you spend 5 dollars more on charger,  choosing a high-end charger is far more cost-effective than changing a battery.

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