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The function and requirements of city electric scooter controller
Sep 27, 2018

For urban electric vehicles, the controller is mainly used to control the operation of the whole vehicle. From the functional analysis, it only allows the electric bicycle to start and stop. The general requirements are as follows:


The first is the operational control of the entire vehicle. That is to say, during the riding process, the speed of the city electric vehicle can be changed from zero speed to the maximum speed according to the angle of the hand wheel rotation by means of the function of the controller;

Secondly, it has a current overload protection function to protect the electric vehicle's current within the protection range under different operating conditions;

The third is to have overheat protection, that is, during long-term use, the city electric vehicle can run at the rated current state, and the power supply is cut off when the controller temperature is too high; in addition, the power supply is automatically disconnected when braking Under voltage protection.


In addition to these functions, in order to improve the performance, urban electric vehicles are often accompanied by some other functions. For example, the non-zero start function is to prevent the starting current from being too large. The bicycle with this function only works when the speed of the electric bicycle is greater than a certain speed to protect the battery so that the battery does not work under a large current discharge state.

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