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The development of sharing electric scooter/electric bike.
Oct 23, 2017


With the improvement of people’s notion and the deterioration of live environment and transportation situation, more and more people pay attention to the environment protection, they start to go work or school or catch the train or bus by walk or bikes once their destination is nearby, it’s portable and flexible, there would never stand the traffic jam issues, but what should they do for the people who are far away from the work places? It need much time and energy by walk or foot. Under such circumstance, the sharing electric scooter and sharing electric bike come out.


The companies of sharing electric scooters or electric bikes put their smart products in the market, and we just need pay a certain money for guarantee deposit, and you can search the models by the specific APP, because there are positioning systems inside each models, then you can recharge money in your APP, it will deduct your money according to the time you use the models. It is very convenient, you can ride them everywhere you want and just need put off the model and the app would stop charging.



But the biggest problem of the sharing electric scooters or bikes is how to charge the models, in china, the charging piles are not anywhere at present, it is difficult to charge models, and for this issue, the company have developed a electricity perceptive system, the company staves get the know whether the model is of electricity by the system, if it is not, they bring the battery full of electricity to the place through the positioning system, and use the battery to take place of used one. In that way, the model can be used regular by other people. What the disadvantage of the method is that the cost is too much, the staff cost and the making cost of the perceptive system and the so on. People do not stop to search the best way to solve the charging issue.



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