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The development of electric bicycles in China
Aug 29, 2017

1983 Shanghai Bicycle Second factory successfully developed the permanent brand DX-130 electric bicycle, this is our country has recorded and forms the industrialization the first electric bicycle. It uses 150W cylindrical motor, 24V car with ordinary lead-acid batteries, the car in 84, the production of a total of 45,000 units in 91, which exported 805 vehicles. 1995 Tsinghua University developed the use of wheel motor electric bicycle.

1999 Shanghai's thousand Cranes, the small antelope of Suzhou, Nanjing's mainland pigeon in the electric bicycle research and development to obtain the breakthrough successively. They produce electric bicycles are used 36v/10ah maintenance-free lead-acid batteries and rear wheel drive wheel motor, in various performance indicators over the years of wandering situation, for the first time to obtain market recognition. Since then, electric bicycles have entered a fast-growing road.

May 28, 1999 State Bureau of Quality and Technical supervision issued gb17761-1999 "electric bicycle general Technical conditions" national standards, the same year October 1 implementation. This standard is in the original light industry standard QB "electric bicycle safety general technical conditions" on the basis of modification.

2001 by the National Bicycle Information Center held the electric bicycle Informational exchange and held the electric bicycle zipper (driving mileage) competition. This competition has powerfully promoted the development of electric bicycle technology.

2002 Shanghai Bicycle Association in conjunction with Consumer Association set up the "Shanghai Electric bicycle consumption dispute resolution measures." Opened the resolution of the quality of electric bicycles precedent, after the whole country have followed.

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