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The development history and introduction of mini electric scooter.
Nov 14, 2017

MINI electric scooter just like a mini-bike is a new products, and its speed can reach to 20km/h, it needs high perception and courage when ride it, so those products deeply appeal to teenagers who love challenges.

In the beginning, mini electric scooter starts become popular in Japan, because of it is easy-handle, and we can master it in a quite short time, and also do many perfect sets of figures when ride it, so the mini electric scooter has gradually landed in Chinese market.

The weight of mini electric scooter is very light, usually is about 3kg, and often be in folded state when parking it, and it can be unfolded in 30 seconds. and on the scooter body, there will have pictures to instruct you how to put and use it.

For the reasonable speed, so it can be easy handled and braked, if just for the ordinary use and general entertainment, it is uneasy to fall down, so it suit to many people of all ages, especially for youth, there will be proud of having a mini e scooter. Mini electric scooter is good in helping teenagers to fully cultivate the balance system.

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