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The bottleneck of future development of electric scooter
Mar 09, 2018

Now,on the one hand,there are three rounds of electric vehicles and four rounds of electric scooter,which are supported and encouraged by the top officials of the country.On the other hand ,the local government has made a 180 degree turn.Why? It’s not in the interest of local government to support the electric vehicle industry. Many local governments are now held back by joint ventures between local soes,especially those with high taxes. In the developed southern cities,for example,local government give all the green light to the car industry,but to the left of electric cars,another sanctions. Is it the government ?

   In fact,it’s the car company that oppose the electric vehicles. Because a large number of electric vehicles on the road influence the car driving speed. These cities even oppose bicycles on the road.The root of the problem is that bicycles and electric vehicles affect the driving of cars. Local government are not going to be more environmentally friendly and more focused on local GDP and government performance.Although,in recent years,China’s senior government has begun to attach importance to environmental issues,local governments have formed a very close relationship with local interest groups. You can imagine that the government could subsidize electric cars so much,but the reasons behind it are obvious. Therefore,the government’s attitude towards the electric vehicles industry from the central to the local government determines the future development of the electric vehicles industry to a certain extent. Why do local governments have such an ambiguous attitude towards the private electric vehicles industry ? Some local government from time to time even to take mandatory measures to crack down on ,also part of the reason is that such products don’t have “laws”,another part of the reason is because the contribution,such as taxes and government achievements of many complicated relationships,such as doping.

The development of electric vehicles industry not only has its own technical bottleneck to be solved,but also the attitude of national government to industry support,and the road ahead is full of thorns.

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