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Scooter skills, have you arrived at get?
Apr 26, 2018

Every new player in the scooter starts from looking up at the slippery posture of the old driver, watching the old driver manipulate the scooter as smooth as the clouds and water. However, do everything with skill, or do hard work, maybe technology or stop before, so not only to clean up, but also affect your own mood. Today, We teaches you a few skateboarding skills


 First, the novice, should play the basic skills, must not be in order to face the heart, should be calm and smooth from the most basic straight line start practice, pay attention to practice, must hold the handle of the scooter in both hands, as far as the single foot (left foot or right foot, according to personal habits) in the front of the skateboard, the other one The inclination of the foot on the ground with a slight tread on the ground.

 Second, when skiing, grasp the handle, grasp the direction, keep the body slightly forward, push the single foot backward and push backwards. After the skidding smooth, the foot on the ground can be placed on the skateboard which is close to the rear wheel brake cover, so that the right foot can be relieved and the brake can be quickly stepped in the tight situation.

Third, if you need to turn in the process of skiing, do not have to be calm, do not panic, the body should be adjusted according to the direction of the need to turn, keep the direction of turning and the direction of the body tilt, and if you meet the situation of emergency turn, remember to adjust the body immediately after the tilt, and hold the handle of the good car backwards. In this way, there is a sense of surfing and a guarantee of safety. Of course, if you choose a rice scooter, this situation does not need to be considered, because the high scooter has a gravity steering system, very convenient and fast, just to control the brakes and push the foot forward.

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