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Principles and advantages of hydraulic disc brakes on electric motor scooters
Sep 20, 2018

Electric motor scooters are usually equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which are divided into two types: ordinary disc brakes and ventilated disc brakes. For ventilated disc brakes, it is bound to drill a lot of circular vents on the surface of the disc, or to cut out ventilation slots or pre-formed rectangular vents on the end faces of the discs. The ventilated disc brakes use the wind flow to have a better heat and cold effect than the ordinary disc brakes.


The main advantage of the hydraulic disc brake on the electric motorcycle is that it can brake quickly when braking at high speed. The heat dissipation effect is better than that of the drum brake. The braking performance is constant and it is convenient to install advanced electronic equipment like ABS. The use of metal blocks instead of drums is now widely used in the front wheels. Some advanced vehicles are equipped with four-wheel disc brakes, which have the advantages of sensitive action, good heat dissipation, no need to adjust the brake gap, and easy maintenance.


As the braking system of the electric motorcycle, the selection of the brake is quite critical, which is related to the stability and safety of the entire vehicle. Regarding the battery maintenance of electric motor scooters, the first thing to note is that when the electric motorcycle is charging, the electric door lock should be closed. When charging, it should be filled as much as possible.


Electric motor scooters must use a dedicated charger when charging. Due to different battery formulas and processes, the technical requirements for the charger are also different. Which type of charger can be filled with any brand of battery, which is not the same, so do not mix the charger.

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