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New opportunities for exporting electric vehicles
Apr 11, 2018

After more than a decade of mature development,China’s electric vehicle industry has reached 200 million,which is truly related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood.However,with the market saturation and the unsolved of the new national standard,the development of electric vehicles is facing the dilemma of declining sales volume and excess capacity.

In this case,the export of foreign markets seems to be a lifeline for China’s electric vehicle development.China’s export electric vehicles totaled more than 3 million vehicles in2015,accounting for10 percent of the total electric vehicle output,according to Chinese customs statistics.It relieves the electric vehicles the problem of excess production capacity in our country,through economic troika export promotion is one of the production and development of the industry,as China’s manufacturing aboard is more advantageous to improve the image of the country.

The potential of electric vehicles abroad is huge.In 2014,our country electric vehicle exports reached more than 160 countries and regions,and in 2015 increased to more than 190 countries and regions,scope from developed countries to developing countries,such as European Union,southeast Asia,and even in Middle East countries such as Iran,Turkey and South American market.From the annual export volume of 3 million,it is obvious that these market are not fully open yet,and there is still a lot to be done in China’s electric vehicle export.Plus since January1,2015,the national related department to make the export tax rebate in the electric increased from 15%to 17%,at the same time,a change from previous rebate program trival,lengthy approval time,first is to declare after the audit method,thus greatly simplifying the approval and tax refund procedures,Strong fiscal support is also a boon for the export of electric vehicles.

As a representative of China’s “go global”electric vehicles,AiMa has opened its flagship store in Switzerland and said it would welcome the second flagship store in the European market in Germany.

This is a double-edged sword,although export tax rebates have been raised.With financial support,many companies immediately thought of spreading the price war to the competition in foreign markets.This raises at least two questions:one is that low-priced electric vehicles may be subject to foreign anti-dumping protection and high tariff barriers.This is not unusual before.Second,price war is a quick and profitable practice,low price can not guarantee high quality.In the long run,not only domestic electric vehicles will not be sold abroad,but also will have a negative impact on Chinese manufacturing.

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