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Main components of electric bicycles
Aug 29, 2017


Charger is to replenish the battery power device, generally divided into two stages of charging mode and the three-stage model two. Two-stage charging mode: first constant voltage charging, charging current with the rise of the battery voltage gradually reduced, and other battery power to a certain extent, the battery voltage will rise to the set value of the charger, at this time into trickle charge. Three-stage charging mode: When the charge starts, the first constant current charge, quickly replenish the battery energy; when the battery voltage increases to the constant voltage charge, at this time the battery energy is slowly replenished, the battery voltage continues to rise; When the charger terminates the voltage value, it becomes trickle charging to maintain the battery and the self-discharge current of the battery supply.


The battery is the energy that provides the electric vehicle energy, the electric vehicle mainly uses the lead acid battery combination. In addition, Ni-MH batteries and lithium-ion batteries have been used in some light folding electric vehicles.

Use HINT: The Controller main control board is the electric vehicle main circuit, has the large working current, will emit the big heat. Therefore, the electric vehicle does not park in the sunlight exposure, also does not have the long time in the rain, lest the controller fails.


The controller is the part of the motor speed control, and also the core of electric vehicle electric system, which has the function of undervoltage, current limiting or over-current protection. Intelligent controller also has a variety of riding mode and vehicle electrical components self-test function. The controller is the core component of electric vehicle energy management and various control signal processing.

Turn the lock

The switch, the gate and so on are the signal input parts of the controller. The turn signal is the driving signal of the electric vehicle motor rotation. The gate signal is when the electric car brakes, the brake to the internal electronic circuit output to the controller of an electrical signal; When the controller receives this signal, it will cut off the power to the motor, thus realizing the braking power off function.

Booster Sensors

Booster sensor is when the electric vehicle is in the power state is to detect riding pedal force back pedal speed signal device.

Bicycle Torque Sensor

To achieve human and power automatic matching, common drive electric vehicle rotation. At present, the most current power sensor is the axial bilateral torque sensor, its product feature is to be able to collect the left and right side of the pedal force, and the use of non-contact electromagnetic signal acquisition methods, thus improving the accuracy and reliability of signal acquisition.

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