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Instructions and importance of the use of electric bike for adults
Oct 17, 2018

When an electric bike for adult is used, its battery is burned instead of worn out. Under normal circumstances, the importance of matching the charger and the battery can be seen. There are two cases: one is the new charger itself and the battery manufacturer. The parameters provided are not matched. Secondly, the quality of the components of the charger itself is poor. When it is first used, it is still matched. As the consumer charges and discharges, the charger itself rises due to temperature rise and the components age, causing the charging voltage. The switching current is drifting and the battery is damaged. In the instructions for use of electric bike for adults, the cycle life is usually a misunderstanding. If the charge is reduced, the battery life will be reduced once, so each time the battery's power consumption is reduced to the controller's protection voltage of 31.5V. I started to replenish electricity, but I don’t know that this will not only protect the battery, but also shorten the battery life. Therefore, the consumers are reminded to replenish the battery in time when possible.electric bike for adults should be prohibited from continuing to ride under the condition of under-voltage indication. Some consumers ride on the halfway, after indicating the situation of under-pressure, take a break and then ride a section, so that the battery is harmed. Large, severe over-discharge will cause the battery to salinize or produce lead dendrites, short-circuit the battery and affect the life.

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