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How to repair electric motor?
Apr 25, 2018

(1) it is proved that the motor is good and bad if it is connected with a multimeter.

(2) no brush motor 8 and line are black red, yellow, green, blue, large, green, blue, big, green, blue, and blue, and the black line of the motor with the red pen of the energy meter can be divided between 650-750, which can be proved to be no problem between 650-750.

(3) the electric car has the brush motor to replace the carbon brush before it is switched on. Notice that the friction between the switch and the carbon brush is not the same as the friction of the brush with the sandpaper friction switch and the carbon brush to keep the distance.

(3) turn on the motor and note that the motor line package should not be polished to avoid damaging the line.

Do not use iron to stick to the magnet so as not to cause the magnetic steel to break.

(4) brushless motor to replace hall to pay attention to the following hole line so it is best to get the line down for the first time a root in order to avoid happen welding with welding up wrong finish welding first touch with 502 live in with unstable phenomenon of AB glue stick tight

(5) change the magnetic steel to the magnetic steel and note that the glue on the spindle and the magnetic steel is clear and clean.

Magnetic steel and magnetic steel should be used in the opposite direction to glue and stick.

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