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How to choose a best-quality two-wheel electric scooter?
Mar 14, 2018

When it comes to the selection of e scooter? There are various circusmtance to consider, but the key factors to choosing a electric scooter are the external apperance and the inner equippment.

   As for the outer appearance, the level and craft of the stoving vanish directly decide the first impression of those model.the materials of the stoving vanish include primary coat,finishing coat and gloss oil. The different oil paints influence the final effect. We can distinguish the quality by the final effect. The good-quality paint, transparent and full of light on the surface, has a naturel, profound and uniform color. The decal craft is also flat and sunshine, the color is shine and beautiful, in shadow, the color has a rich texture. If you feel difficult to understand those description, the best way is to hang out some electric scooter shop and make a contrast of the model, and then you can know it clearly, another judgement to know the quality of paint parts is to see when the color of plastic part is easy to fade or not.

   Another assessment point is the see the model structure, the elementary unit are frame, plastic part,absorber,battery,controller, and moter, especially the frame quality which directly influence the security capacity of the model, here we provide some mothods to estimate the frame quality. First we should observe the welding level, if there has some crevices on it, it means the quality of the model is not qualified. Secondly, we need to see whether the frame rusts, if it is, it means the surface of the frame is not be well handle with electrophoretic process. Finally, we can test the new model, to see whether it frame shakes or not when is crucial for us to select a good frame when buying a good-quality two wheel electric scooter!



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