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Frame design requirements for ladies electric scooter
Sep 26, 2018

As one of the common means of transportation, the female electric vehicle has many advantages, and for the user, it is not like the exhaust gas and noise pollution of automobiles and motorcycles. In contrast, ladies electric scooter are low-speed and easy to drive. Generally, as long as they ride bicycles, they can master the operation of electric bicycles in less than an hour, so they are especially suitable for women and the elderly.


In the structure of the female electric vehicle, considering its traveling speed and self-weight problem, its frame is stronger than the frame of the ordinary bicycle, and the thick steel pipe is used as the structural member, and the brake (brake) system is adopted. The power is also larger than ordinary bicycles.


In addition, in order to enhance the riding comfort, when the structural design is carried out, the front and rear forks of the female electric vehicle are usually equipped with shock absorbers, and for safety, the locks such as the handle lock and the battery lock are provided. And, like motorcycles, equipped with instrument panels, headlights, turn signals, and control devices such as an accelerator lever, a control button, and a brake lever with a live switch. In addition, the storage of batteries and controllers should be considered on the frame.

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