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FQA of Foldable electric bike
Oct 26, 2017

Q1 Is it light-weight of foldable electric bikes?

The foldable electric bike is called a kind of super lightweight electric scooter, for its frame is made of light material such as magnesium alloy or carbon fiber. And in addition, the e bike usually use the lithium battery rather than lead-acid battery which is lighter,So the e bike is very light and portable.

e bike .jpg

Q2 whether should we choose big-brand fordable electric bike?

What the advantages of choosing big brand electric bike is that big brand factory would guarantee the quality and have a good after-sale service.once quality problems come out, there could be solved in time in case of influencing the regular use of products. But nowadays, many e bike manufacturers would sharing the same parts factories, so for this reason, the big-brand manufacturing may have famous brand, but the price is more expensive than the regular factory. So when choosing the electric bike what we should focus is the key parts such as configuration, battery ,controller and motor, we should use the good-quality key parts to assure the e bikes service life.

Q3: How many kilometers could the lithium battery foldable electric bike travel at full of electricity? What is the best way to handle the e bike when it is uphill?

The lithium battery fordable electric bike could run about 25km at full electricity, once it is run out of power, we could also use the pedal assistant, and use as a regular bike to arrive the destination. And when it is running uphill, we advise use the pedal assistant to protect the battery.



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