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FAQs for Electric scooter Controllers
Apr 27, 2018

1. Electric scooter change controller. Brush and brushless

(1) The brush controller uses the normal line controller to change the phase is very simple but the power display version of 12V changed 36V to use 36 direct 12V power display version (although changed with no change is not allowed)

(2) Brushless controller with the body to accompany the controller phase change as over-reversed There are two ways to repel 1 overturned motor 2 with the motor's 8 with the line + positive - negative A yellow B blue C green line is SA yellow SB blue SC green positive and negative line A and B phase change line SA and SC phase change can be

2. Electric car body with 250W motor and 150 controller can not be changed

Is not possible, such as 250W motor matching 350 controller in 1-4 turn time can be made but 150 controller matching 250 motor is not able to get because the controller output to the end 150W with this controller

3. Brushless electric scooter  will not turn when the battery shows broken wheels

In general, the brushless motor is connected to the controller will rotate, but if the overturn is connected to the controller without connecting the power display, then the motor will not rotate.

4. Brushless motor is generally 4 with the lead wire appears in the controller but kill the line where the line is poured

The general electric car is tapped at the turn but with the signal line but some electric scooter are not he is in the single line kill line and another line with the big line into the synthetic kill line

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