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Electric scooter for adults optimization control design
Oct 08, 2018

In the field of electric vehicles, the competition and development of electric scooter for adultss mainly depends on the performance, quality and technological innovation of the products themselves. In particular, the development of motors and controllers, such as improvements without Halls, motors and controllers.


Structurally, the controller, battery, and motor together form the power and control system for an electric scooter for adults, where the controller ensures efficient operation of the battery and motor. Driven by market demand, along with the development of batteries and motors, the development of controllers has gone from using dedicated integrated chips to using general-purpose MCUs, from low voltage, low power, single function to high voltage, high power, and multifunction. The development process.


At the same time, with the continuous development and advancement of electric scooter for adultss, the technological innovation of batteries and motors has promoted the innovation of controllers and guided the development direction of controllers. At the same time, the development of controllers has in turn promoted batteries and motors. The development and protection of the new battery and the practical application of the motor.

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