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Electric scooter fault solution
Apr 24, 2018

<1> The electric scooter has no electricity. How to deal with

(1) Check whether the battery has an output wire or not.

(2) Check fuse fuse holder

(3) Check whether the power lock is good or bad

<2> The scooter  does not have electricity. How to deal with

(1) Check if the battery output of the electric vehicle is normal. If the output is too low, the battery is bad. Urgent need to replace battery

(2) Pull out the brake line. If the car turns to prove that the killing is broken, the killing must be replaced or the repairs are to be carried out in Table 2 and the killing of the pipe is a pass (normal long killing).

(3) Check the switch to a short wire and turn the positive and the signal line, such as the car to prove that the turn is bad and need to be replaced or repaired. Turn on the power and turn the turn to use the universal meter. The positive line and the signal line have the positive 5V <1-4> Turn

(4) Whether the controller is good or bad can be shorted with the positive 5V of the turn-to-turn line. If the controller turns, no problem is solved. The simplest way is to smell the controller.

(5) Check if the motor is in good or bad condition.

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