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Electric Bicycle China Standard
Jun 28, 2018

The four most important national standards for electric bicycles are: There must be pedals to achieve manpower riding; the maximum design speed is not more than 25km/h; the overall vehicle mass is not more than 55kg; the motor output power is not more than 400w;

National Standard "General Technical Conditions for Electric Bicycles" (GB17761-2018)

An electric bicycle, which uses a battery as an auxiliary energy source, has two wheels, and can be a special type of bicycle capable of manpower riding, electric or electric assistance.

skills requirement:

1. Maximum speed: It should be no more than 25km/h; (Article 58 of the “Facilitation Law” stipulates that the maximum speed of electric vehicles should not exceed 15km)

2. Vehicle quality: not more than 55kg (including battery);

3. Pedaling ability: Must have a good pedaling function, 30 minutes of pedaling distance should not be less than 7km;

4. Continuation mileage: The mileage of the continuous line after one charge should not be less than 25km;

5. Maximum riding noise: The noise of the maximum speed when riding in an electric uniform speed (electrically assisted with 15km/h ~ 18km/h electric assisted riding) should not exceed 62dB (A); the electric energy consumption of 100km should not be greater than 1.2kW•h;

6. 100 kilometers of electricity consumption: with electric riding (electric assisted riding with electric assistance), 100km of electric energy consumption should not be greater than


7. Motor power: rated continuous output power should not exceed 400W;

8. Braking performance: At the highest speed of electric riding (electrically assisted with 20km/h electric assisted riding), the dry braking distance should not exceed 4m, and the wet braking distance should not exceed 15m.

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