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Chinese standard for electric bicycles
Aug 29, 2017

The 4 most important national standards for electric bicycles are:

Must have pedal can achieve manpower ride; The maximum design speed is not more than 20km/h, the vehicle quality is not greater than 40kg, the motor output power is not less than 240w;

National standard "general technical conditions for electric bicycles" (gb17761-1999)

Electric Bicycles (electricbicycle)

The battery as an auxiliary energy, with two wheels, to achieve human riding, electric or electric motor-assisted function of special bicycles.

Technical Requirements:

1. Maximum speed: should not be less than 20km/h; (article 58 of the Law stipulates that the maximum speed of electric vehicles is not more than 15 km/h)

2. Vehicle quality: Not greater than 40kg (including batteries);

3. Pedal driving Ability: must have a good foot riding function, 30min pedal distance should not be less than 7km;

4. Mileage: A charge after the continuation of the mileage should not be less than 25km;

5. Maximum Ride noise: Maximum speed for electric driving speed (electrically assisted by 15km/h~18km/h speeds) the noise should not be less than 62dB (A); 100km power consumption should not be greater than 1.2kw·h;

6. Hundred kilometers power consumption: to electric riding (electric power assisted by electric bicycle), 100km of electric energy consumption should not be greater than 1.2KWH

7. Motor power: Rated continuous output power should not be less than 240W;

8. Braking performance: At the maximum speed of electric ride (electrically assisted by the 20km/h speed of the motor ride), its dry state braking distance should not be less than 4m, the wet braking distance should not be less than 15m.

According to the national standard established in 1999 for the design of the highest speed, empty car quality, the size of the relevant regulations, electric bicycles belong to the category of non-motorized management, should have the following 5 characteristics: Must have the pedal function, the battery only serves as the auxiliary energy, must have two wheels, the design speed is not greater than 20 km/h, the weight of the vehicle is not greater than 40 kg, and the tyre width (inside the tire) is not greater than 54 mm.

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