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Charging technology and development application of high-speed electric bicycle
Oct 12, 2018

 Electric Bike High Speed  need to strengthen the research on charging technology, which can greatly improve their charging performance and effectively extend their battery life. 80% of the batteries damaged on the market are damaged by poor quality chargers. China's existing high-tech companies began research in this area, changing the conventional charging to variable amplitude pulse and digital control technology, effectively controlling the water loss of the battery during the charging process, ensuring the balance of charging and improving the service life of the battery.


Electric Bike High Speed  will be used in the manufacture of electric bicycles with high-tech composite materials and high-strength light-alloy materials. Lightweight and high-grade titanium alloys and chrome-molybdenum steels are used in the successful application of aluminum alloy materials. Strength materials and carbon fiber and other polymer composites. Increase the strength of electric bicycles and reduce the weight of electric bicycles. Revolutionizing the performance and manufacturing process of bicycles.


 It is necessary to strengthen the development of high-speed electric bicycles, apply high-efficiency energy-saving motors of new energy sources, efficiently compensate motors, and further improve the energy efficiency of electric bicycles. Effectively accelerate the application of new international technologies and new materials, and use nano materials in the production of tires, batteries and accessories to make electric bicycles lighter, faster and travel farther.

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