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Brake adjustment method for battery powered motorbike
Sep 21, 2018

When the brake adjustment of the battery powered motorbike is involved, it will involve three adjustments. The first is the adjustment of the battery powered motorbike wire clamp brake, that is, the left hand is used to pinch the brake fork so that the brake shoe is tightly attached to both sides of the rim. Tighten the cable with the pliers and tighten the nut. Release the left hand to observe the gap between the brake shoe and the rim. If the clearance is insufficient, turn the adjusting screw upward; if it is downward, adjust the nut tightly after adjustment; then we should also pay attention to the asymmetry of the gap on both sides. The gate nut must be loosened and tightened after correction.


The second is about the adjustment of the electric motor's expansion. In the process of adjustment, it is necessary to take the hand to pinch the brake handle. In this way, the free stroke of the handle can be guaranteed to be directly at 20mm; if it is the handle stroke When it is not required, you must pay attention to adjust the adjustment nut.


On the other hand, the adjustment method of the battery powered motorbike cantilever brake is mainly to adjust the tightness of the battery powered motorbike brake line, so that the gap between the rim and the brake shoe block is about 2mm; the battery powered motorbike brake handle has an adjusting nut. Suitable for small-scale fine-tuning.

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