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Battery maintenance of electric bicycles
Aug 29, 2017

First charging aspect, every time after coming home, regardless of the length of time, to carry out the charge, so that the battery to maintain the use of electricity, if occasionally not full of electricity on the battery, but often not full of electricity, the battery will produce a "memory" sex, affecting its continued mileage, but also loss of battery life. Plug in the battery plug when charging, then plug in the power. Charge over, unplug the power plug, then unplug the battery.

Second, start the electric car, to avoid large current discharge, reduce the manned exercise, climbing the best manpower to promote or assist riding, or the battery damage is very large. If the vehicle in the open air or cold storage for several weeks when not in use, the battery should be removed, stored in a warmer room in case the battery freezes damaged. And when the temperature is too low to minimize the use of electric vehicles, and should be recharged in time. If you do not intend to use the battery in the winter, batteries do not always put into the next year to recharge, but should be 1 times every 1 months to the battery charge, to ensure the storage capacity of lead-acid batteries, while avoiding the acid spill damage battery. Maintenance staff said the battery to keep in mind to charge, more help.

In the use of six months, it is best to repair point to do a battery maintenance, the appropriate replenishment of the electrolyte battery, adjust the proportion of the electrolyte, and check its storage situation, maintain the proportion of battery electrolyte, if necessary, can increase the number of charges. At the same time, clean the battery wiring column, and coated with special grease to protect it is also very important, this can ensure that the electric vehicle start-up when the reliable, prolong the battery life.

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