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Battery installation and maintenance on Electric Motorcycle For Adults
Sep 25, 2018

For the installation of batteries on Electric Motorcycle For Adults, we must first pay attention to the choice of battery brands. We should choose high-quality batteries with brand warranty. The general brand manufacturers will pass the test before leaving the factory. The refurbished batteries must not be used; it should be noted before installation. Check if the battery is leaking and clean the surface of the battery with a dry cloth.


When installing the battery on an adult electric motorcycle, it should be noted that the battery should be installed in an upright position. It should not be inverted. At the same time, it should be shockproof, pressure-proof, and securely installed. Can not enter the water. In order to ensure the safe use of Electric Motorcycle For Adults, the battery box for installing the battery must have a venting vent, and must not be blocked to prevent the gas generated by the battery from collecting in the battery box; the connecting line for installing the battery must be tightened.


The maintenance of the battery on the adult electric motorcycle, first of all, should pay attention to the correct use of the charger, to determine whether the AC power supply and the charger input voltage are consistent; also pay attention to determine whether the charger output voltage and the battery rated voltage match. It is also necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of the battery; when charging, the indicator light of the charger is first red and then green, and after the light turns green, it should be floated for 2 hours.

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