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Advantage and maintenance of electric scooter
Sep 14, 2017

Original title: electric scooter


  Overview: when it comes to the advantages of electric scooters, firstly, on the hand, what we must to say their fashionable appearance, on the other hand, there are pretty small and exquisite, some of them can be folded, it is ok for us bring them to the bus, train and car, it is a terrific transportation tool for us to hang out near home and go for school or work.


  Secondly,in regard to the features of electric scooter, they are equipped with ability of resisting of fission, deformation, ,abrasion and extremely cold to some degree. And they also have a firm frame , so there is a slim possibility for frame fracturing. In addition, the delicate decals on the scooter surface have a number of option available.


  Speaking of the maintenance of electric scooter, that is we should have a good habit of recharging it timely when we have used it , we need keep it always full of power, what’s more . we need pay a attention on the charging time which we should control on 4-12hour, vary from model to model, we should follow the guidebook of the electric scooter.



How to length our electric scooter service life? what we should do is that replenishing the power monthly when we are not using the model for a long time, using pedal-assistance when you are starting and climbing, using the right charger , keeping your electric scooter on cool and ventilated environments.


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